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"American drummer Cindy Blackman's inspiration is the late Tony Williams, the man who Miles Davis called "the centre that the group's sound revolved around" in his great 1960s quintet, and who went on to become one of the leading creative influences in 1970s jazz-fusion. Blackman pays homage to Williams here, on a firebreathing session with guitarists Mike Stern and Fionn O'Lochlainn, plus organist Doug Carn, and with saxophonist Joe Lovano an inspired guest on a Coltraneish improv track. The mad-axeman guitar and boneshaking drumming this style invites is certainly present on Another Lifetime, but Blackman balances it with tonal splashes of abstract colour." Read the rest »

— June 17th, 2010


"Her love of Williams’ extraordinary style is evident on her latest album, Another Lifetime. The record is a tribute to Blackman’s onetime mentor, and includes a number of his compositions along with tunes that are closely associated with him."  Read the rest »

—, March 2010

"Solos were in abundance, with each player getting a chance to throw down skills, but Santana's wife, drummer Cindy Blackman, was the standout among standouts, at one point only using her right hand. She and Carlos shared a kiss after that, but that wasn't the only moment that helped make this Bowl show a family affair; "  Read the rest »

— The Orange County Register